Sound Design

Sound Design tells a story that transcends the edges of the picture frame. It goes beyond placing literal sound FX to match elements in the picture. A well executed sound design creates connections between characters, places, objects, and experiences. It is the art of creating sonic events and textures that conjure up their own imagery and meaning, literally or metaphorically. The goal is to create a complex and multi-layered sound world which reflects the real world and beyond.

A good film is a set of themes that evolves, emerges, and embodies a clearly identifiable line or arc, the story.  Sound Design echoes the same arc and storyline that can establish mood, pace, location, changes in time, realism, ambiguity, and space. It unifies transitions between scenes, clarifies plot points and heightens or subdues camera movement. Sound Design is created in layers that echo the dynamics of the real world. In the foreground, a footstep may be heard, layered over the trickle of a small stream in the middle ground and in the background, a subtle wind blowing through the trees. To further captivate the audience, the sonic world is designed to take the audience into the characters’ world, thus enabling them to experience the action through identification with characters.

At Alan Audio Works, we take our sound designs very seriously, instilling dynamics and clarity into every project. From the smallest sound to the largest resonance, hearing has a direct link to our subconscious. It is this connection that we aim to create through the world of sound design.