Video Games

Alan Audio Works has created stunning sound designs and surround sound mixes for
several video games and video game trailers including; “Star Wars Lego,” “Lord of the Rings,” “Ghostbusters,” starring Bill Murray, Tom Clancy’s – Ghost Recon, Spyro, John Woo’s Straglehold, Borderlands, Devil May Cry, Lost Planet, Mortal Kombat and Tony Hawk to name a few. We have also created audio designs for many live media shows and corporate events such as E3, Gamescom, Comic Con, EA, SimCity, Medal of Honor and many more. We take a fresh approach in creating unique and original sounds for every game’s sound world. Every environment, footstep, vehicle, weapon, explosion and every other sound that might appear in the game is always created from scratch, to insure a fresh and original sound design.

A well executed sound design creates connections between characters, places, objects, and experiences. It is the art of creating sonic events and textures that conjure up their own imagery and meaning, literally or metaphorically. The goal is to create a complex and multi-layered sound world which reflects the real world and beyond. Sound Design echoes the same arc and storyline that can establish mood, pace, location, changes in time, realism, ambiguity, and space. The sonic world is designed to take the audience into the characters’ world, thus enabling them to experience the action through identification with characters.

Alan Audio Works was founded by sound designer, Jeffery Alan Jones. His unique style can be heard in over 150 films, commercials and video games. His extensive background in cinematic sound design infuses his rich designs and surround sound mixing capabilities. Jeffery brings a wealth of creativity and experience to every project.