Audio Post Credits

The King of Fighters

Micott & Basara K.K., Directed by Gordon Chan

5th Street

5th Street Films, Directed by Alex Meader

Decoding Deepak

NALA Films, Directed by Gotham Chopra


Shanghai Film Studios, Directed by Sherwood Hu

Mr. Bitchin’

Directed by Mary C. Reese, Nancye Fergurson

Chasing Rabbits

Directed by Brian Havens

Dara Ju

Directed by Anthony Onah


Salsera Productions, Directed by Luis Fernandez Reneo

Mont Reve

Cose Nostre Productions, Directed by Rocky Collins and Lynn Von Kersting

Illusive Fields

Directed by Katharine O’Brien


Directed by Dave Hill

Enduro Kings TV Series

Throttle Entertainment, Directed by Jeff Pakosta


Directed by Constantinos Yiallourides

Corre (Run)

Enfuego Entertainment, Directed by Eric Smith-Gun

The Forgotten King

Nikoloz Films, Directed by Nikoloz Khomasuridze

Mr. Christmas

Directed by Nick Palmer

Commander and Chief

International Studios 4 Movies, Directed by Ric Halpern and Gerson Sanginitto

Area Q.

Reef Pictures, Directed by Gerson Sanginitto

The Notice

Cre8 Media Group, Directed by Sonny Saito

5th & Alameda

Leo Entertainment, Directed by Richard Friedman

In My Pocket

Linear Pictures (II), Directed by David Lisle Johnson

Monster Mutt

Alternate Ending Studios, Directed by Todd Tucker

Man and Machine

Throttle Entertainment, Directed by Jeffrey Pakosta


Coppen Root Productions, Directed by Bonnie Root

Under The Boardwalk: The Monopoly Story

Rhino Films, Directed by Kevin Tostado

Porcelain Unicorn

100 to 1 Productions, Directed by Keegan Wilcox

The Perfect Gentleman

Directed by Michael Rohrbaugh

Roof of Africa: The Kiwi Domination

Throttle Entertainment, Directed by Jeffrey Pakosta

White Wall

Avantmark Pictures, Directed by James Boss

Cold Cabin

Cherry Lane Productions, Directed by Dennis Luu

Murder by Proxy: How America Went Postal

Key Element, Directed by Emil Chiaberi


Directed by Michael Shu

Stairway From Hell

Moonbow Pictures, Directed by Christian Bunz


Directed by Michael Shu

Trials of Zander

Directed by Damion Smith

The River

Hazard Pay Productions, Directed by David Broyles

The Walk

Directed by Sheldon Candis

30 Days to Die

Zoom & Doom Filmz, Directed by Griff Furst

The Gold Retrievers

Alpine Pictures, Directed by James D.R. Hickox

Through the Air to Calais or the Wonderfui Cruise of Blanchard’s Balloon

American Film Institute (AFI), Directed by Joseph Mauceri

Ghostbusters (video game)

Colombia Pictures, Directed by Kody Sabourin and David Wheeler

Pastor Stuart

Directed by Malik Vitthal


P2 Productions (III), Directed by Jeremiah Friedman

The 8th Samurai

American Film Institute Conservatory, Directed by Justin Ambrosino

Empire of Silver

Crystal Clear Pictures, Directed by Christina Yao

The Compass

336 Productions, Directed by Marlowe Greenlee and Josh Stone

The Antagonist

Onomatope Productions, Directed by Jessie McCormack

Tougher Than Iron

Directed by Rich Van Every

The Real Shaolin

Bull In a China Shop Productions, Directed by Alexander Sebastien Lee


Directed by Andrew Makishima


Primo Pictures, Directed by Francisco Menendez

War of the Wolves: Reunion

Signature Entertainment, Directed by Michael Shu

What’s True

Nikki Weiss & Co., Directed by Trish Doolan

Dog Tags

New Media Entertainment LLC, Directed by Damion Dietz

The Skyjacker

Raleigh Hills Multimedia, Directed by Jeff Pickett


Jizzy Entertainment, Directed by Michael Addis


Fireshoe Productions, Directed by Eric Colley


Capital Arts Entertainment, Directed by Patricia Harrington

Young Cesar

American World Pictures (AWP), Directed by Sheldon Candis

A Secret Handshake

Pabla-Hazelett Productions, Directed by Harsha Gijre

Palo Alto

Anchange Productions, Directed by Brad Leong

So, You’ve Downloaded a Demon

Accidental Films, Directed by Todd Livingston

Father and Son

Blue Lion Pictures, Directed by Michael C. Edwards

The House of Usher

Abernathy Productions, Directed by Hayley Cloake


Shakti Films, Directed by Malik Vitthal


Directed by David Wendelman

Love Life

New Media Entertainment LLC, Directed by Damion Dietz

Best Kept Secret

Good Shepard Productions, Directed by Malik Vitthal


Midtown Entertainment LLC, Directed by Matt Oates


Dream Entertainment, Directed by Roy T. Wood

Deep Rescue

Tranquility Base Productions, Directed by Chris Bremble

Beverly Kills

New Media Entertainment LLC, Directed by Damion Dietz

Halfway Decent

Directed by Alan Berger


Directed by Daniel Lee

Carlita’s Secret

Breakaway Films, Directed by George Cotayo

Inside Irvin

Aberfoyle Pictures, Directed by Armen Titizian

Tupac vs.

Concrete Treehouse Productions, Directed by Ken Peters

Inside Out: Leah Remini – The Baby Special

Directed by Loren Mendell

Weapon of Mass Destruction

Good Enough Films, Directed by Nicholas Jacobs and Tony Jacobs

Out on Parole

Breakaway Films, Directed by Delvin Molden

Crazy Like They Are

Advanced Order Systems, Directed by Cameron Pearson

Save Virgil

Quality Filmed Entertainment, Directed by Brad Ableson

One Strong Arm

Angry Young Ranch, Directed by Loren Mendell and Tiller Russell

The Bahama Hustle

Breakaway Films, Directed by D.C. Cole

Toi and Poochie

Farmhouse Films, Directed by Fred Calvert

The Affidavit

Rebel Zone Films, Directed by Jens Pilegaard

The Long Road to Cabo

Hi-Def Digital, Directed by Gil Bettman


New Media Entertainment LLC, Directed by Damion Dietz

Men of Action

Bandwagon Productions Inc., Directed by Todd Grossman

Foreign Body

Blue Cactus Pictures, Directed by Hagit Saad

Fair Play

American Film Institute (AFI), Directed by Joanie Wread

We Were Soldiers: Getting It Right

Icon Entertainment International

Today You Are a Fountain Pen

Directed by Dan Katzir


Directed by Malik Vitthal

The Reconcilers

Willow Entertainment Company, Directed by Jens Pilegaard


Directed by Joanie Wread

Blind Heat

Tex Mex Film Company, Directed by Adolfo Martinez Solares

The Visit

Directed by Mobolaji Olambiwonnu

Area 52

La Tuna Films, Directed by Adam Turner


Ivy Media Group Inc., Directed by Mark Wilkinson

The Virgin Larry

Potemkin Productions, Directed by Damion Dietz

Earth Is Heaven

Directed by Are Paulsen

One Blood Planet

Image One Productions, Directed by Jerry Decker

The Point

Directed by Ernst Gossner

Spirit Rising

Infinite Productions, Directed by Jonathan Yudis

Jewel of the Sahara

Keyser Productions, Directed by Ariel Vromen

The Grimm Cycle

Directed by David Orr

Some Common Things That Happen to Corpses

Directed by Molly O’Brien

Dionysus Lost

Willow Entertainment Company, Directed by Jens Pilegaard

Marisa, Where Art Thou?

American Film Institute (AFI), Directed by Nicholas Jacobs


Directed by Sainte DeLude

Man Woman Film

Advanced Order Systems, Directed by Cameron Pearson

Death: A Love Story

Harken Productions, Directed by Michelle LeBrun

Since My Last Dance

Directed by Kirk Demorest

Traces of Us

Directed by Chris Chen

Fag Hag

Potemkin Productions, Directed by Damion Dietz

Highland Park Blues

Seirios Communications, Directed by Jens Pilegaard


Directed by Adam Kaufman

Jasmin’s Swim

Directed by Charlie Palafox

Blossom Time

Possumtown Pictures, Directed by David Orr

Becoming Rebecca

Directed by Steve Tackitt


Advanced Order Systems, Directed by Cameron Pearson