Alan Audio Works since 1990

We are a full service audio recording and post production company located in Glendale, CA. 

Services We Provide

Sound Design

Sound designers will craft the sound based on the scene and what the director wants to accomplish.

Music Production

Using a professional recording studio for your music has many advantages over recording at home.

Audio Post Production

The audio design possibilities are endless when filmmakers and audio engineers collaborate.



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About Us

Audio Post Production Company

Alan Audio Works is a full service audio recording and post production company located in Glendale, CA. Since 1990, we have been offering complete audio post production services for film, television, multimedia, and the internet. AAW can handle all of your audio needs including Sound Design, Original Music, ADR, Voiceover recording, Voice Casting, Sound Editing, Foley, Music Scoring, Music Editing, Recording, Mixing, Surround Mixing (all formats), Dialogue Editing / Restoration / Noise Reduction and Repair.

With multiple audio production studios, and constantly working with some of the best sound editors in the industry, AAW is a leading audio post production company that always delivers. With so many other great sound design companies out there, it can be a hard road to navigate. We’re here to make that journey as easy as possible, while making the best creative choices that help tell your story.

AAW was founded by Award Winning Composer and Sound Designer, Jeffery Alan Jones. With over 200 films, documentaries and commercials to their credit, the crew at ALAN AUDIO WORKS will bring a wealth of creativity, experience and expertise to every project.

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