Audio Post Production

Audio Post Production
Filmmaking and audio post-production go hand in hand. The two are forever tied together, and visuals, whether in a movie, commercial, web series, or cartoon, without the right audio aren’t as engaging, entertaining, or effective. The audio design possibilities are endless when filmmakers and audio engineers collaborate. In today’s media landscape, though, timing is everything, and there is never enough of it. Having the right workflow and process in place will keep the project moving forward and finding the right audio solution allows for creativity. A professional post-production company like Alan Audio Works knows this and has the process and team in place to get the job done. Here’s a snapshot of what a successful audio post-production workflow should look like.

Who We Are

Pre-production Meeting

This is the initial part of the process where the scope and the creative concept of the project are discussed. The supervising sound editor will assimilate all creative and technical notes, then assign all appropriate tasks to our sound team members.

Script Analysis & Spotting Session

Reading the script is an important step, as it allows the sound designer to get an idea of the tone and style of the film. The aim is to get a clear of the director’s vision and how they want the soundscape to support the film. We will look at every scene and determine what kind of audio elements are required to enhance the visuals and the subtext of the story.

Sound Design Creation

Every film requires unique sounds to make the pictures come to life. We will create an original soundscape for your project to ensure that your vision is unique and effective storytelling. Original atmospheres, sound effects foley, ADR, and an integrated mix will all come together to create a magical experience.

Alan Audio Works is a professional audio post-production company with years of experience and hundreds of credits. Contact Us for your next project.